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Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Don't I Smell Tea Brewing??

I normally don't reference the "Philadelphia, Weakly" freebie fishwrapper, but THIS really hits the mark!

It’s the perfect time for a political backlash in Philly. After the last several months of sheer incompetence on the backs of many city agencies and programs—PPA, PHA, BRT, DROP—you’d imagine there’d be a little more outrage, especially within City Hall’s opposition offices.

And yet, crickets. Hate to say it, but sometimes Republicans can serve a purpose. And the lack of any real Republican voice against the Democratically-led City government has been deafening, especially lately. So, where’s the Republican counter-punch now that we need it?

“If you can’t beat the opposition just based on what’s happened over the last two months, then you’re not going to beat them on anything,” says Adam Lang, 32, a Republican activist and computer network engineer from the Brewerytown-Sharswood area of North Philly. “[Councilmen Rizzo, O’Neill and Kelly] should have been in front of the Inquirer building screaming, holding press conferences, telling everyone, ‘This is why you need to kick these bums out.’ And yet they’re completely complicit.”

Councilmen Frank Rizzo Jr. and Jack Kelly, two of three Republicans on City Council, are enrolled in DROP and scheduled to receive a combined almost-half-million-dollar payout.


The change of focus from local to national issues seems to have basically split the Philly GOP into three caucuses: The official party led by Michael Meehan and supported by elected office holders; the Loyal Opposition led by Kevin Kelly; and Reform League Philadelphia, a PAC since founded by Adam Lang. All factions, however, are unorganized.

All of this, gentle readers, is followed-up by a great comment by Dan Hannan:

“Start out by reading "This party sucks" from Philadelphia Magazine back in September of 2009. It is easily found online The Republican establishment in Philadelphia serves the same purpose as the Washington Generals who used to lose to the Globe Trotters each night. It's beyond tragic that the city that once led the world into a new age of unprecedented personal liberty now has elections reminiscent of a Banana Republic. If good men don't step forward and demand better, this city will become indistinguishable from Detroit, and an open air museum to the dangers of apathy and unchecked government expansion.”

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