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Monday, July 26, 2010

So,..Its Not Just Me?

MTV's reality hit "Jersey Shore" has created a situation, so to speak, for the Garden State. So says Gov. Chris Christie.

The Republican governor said Sunday that the bawdy reality series is a "negative" for his state because it doesn't depict the New Jersey he knows. For starters, most of the uber-tanned, hair-gelled stars of the show aren't even from Jersey.

"What it does is it takes a bunch of New Yorkers, who are -- most of the people on 'Jersey Shore' are New Yorkers -- takes a bunch of New Yorkers, drops them at the Jersey shore, and tries to make America feel like this is New Jersey," Christie said on ABC's "This Week."

The second season of "Jersey Shore" begins this week, but Christie urged anyone who wants to get a real taste of his state to book a trip instead of watching the show.

"I could tell people, they want to know what New Jersey really is? I welcome them to come to New Jersey any time. The Jersey shore is a beautiful place, and it's a place that everybody should come on vacation this summer," he said. "We've got another six weeks or so of summer left. Come to New Jersey."

As a kid and into my late teens, I practically grew up "down the shore;" predeominantly in pre-Main Line snobbified Avalon. The types of losers seen on this show were the kind of a-holes you either saw in "Childwood" during Senior Week or in places Sea Isle City and the beach towns north LBI!

That said, as much as I miss the Jersey Shore, you can't pull me away from the Outer Banks anymore! Sorry, Gov. Christie!

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