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Saturday, July 24, 2010

On Who's REALLY a Racist (DoubleStandarddradnatSelbuoD)

So, after Breitbart's brilliantly-laid tar baby in the DC brier patch, let's review the media's obsession with racism and racists:

  • Democratic apparatchik Shirley Sherrod WAS a racist, but has seen the light of day and now lives in harmony with all creeds and colors. It must be true, because she caved under Matt Lauer's usual pressure tactics. And she's still upset those white crackas manipulated her anti-racist speech to seem otherwise!
  • Democratic Senator Robert Byrd was so much of a racist, he joined the KKK. But it was for political purposes and he, too, saw the error of his ways and lived in harmony, representing his racially-homogeneous state of West Virginia.
  • But Democrat-turned-Republican Senator Strom Thurmond was a racist and separatist right up until he passed away (even though he fathered a child by a black woman) and ANYONE who claimed otherwise was banished from the swamp we call the District of Columbia.
Sounds just about right to me. How about you?

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