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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

McChrystal and Obama - Two Men "Acting Stupidly"

One the one hand, we have General Stanley McChrystal; like all military officers, he was trained to comport himself in a gentlemanly manner: obey the chain of command and follow the orders of his civilian leaders. And when those orders raise questions, the conflict is best handled behind closed doors, among equals and in a manner that doesn't create dissent among the rank-and-file.

McChrystal broke from that training and stuck his boot in his mouth when he allowed Rolling Stone Magazine to interview him. General Stanley McChrystal is no longer in charge of operations in Afghanistan.

Was it a calculated move to change policy gone bad, or was it the final straw of a commander, cut off at the knees and saddled with a winnable war fought under unwinnable rules? Maybe we'll find out in his Playboy interview....

On the other hand, we have the root cause of all this military angst: one Barack Obama, President of the United States, Command-in-Chief of it's military, and presumptive "leader of the free world."

President and Commander Obama is currently engaged on a whirlwind, four-year apologia tour of the world. He bows and supplicates before our subordinates. He apologizes to our enemies and alienates and embarrasses our allies.

Like the last Democratic president, he has no military experience. That president bartered away our military might in favor of a "peace dividend" all while ignoring a growing worldwide threat.

This president? Well, let's just hope he treats Afghanistan the same way he should be treating the Gulf disaster: STAY OUT OF IT AND LET THE PEOPLE WITH THE EXPERIENCE MAKE THE DECISIONS!!!


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