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Monday, June 29, 2009

My ONLY Thoughts on Michael Jackson

Over the weekend, I adamantly resisted posting anything about The Gloved Pederast. Then came the Sunday Talking Heads shows and critical mass was reached in the BitterHouse.

I have come to the realization that I know why, in part, most of the civilized world dislikes the US: we, as a collective society, have the attention span of a 10-year old with ADD!

To wit, for the past week, we watched what could have been this generation's Tienanmen Square or Berlin Wall: In Iran, the populace finally realized they were duped by their leaders. People took to the streets. The 21st Century's greatest tool - the global net - was used again and again to usurp I-Am-A-Mad-Jihad's attempts to squelch the revolution. People watched Fox, CeeNoNews and the Hardcore Liberal Network, wondering if our TelePrompter-addicted leader would finally obtain the cojones to turn his Persian open hand into an iron fist,

Then Jackson died and "Neda" was thrown under the wheels of the LA Coroner's van hauling his carcass away.

Revolution? What revolution? Who cares about democracy, MICHAEL JACKSON DIED!!!

I'm willing to bet Farrah Fawcett died before him just to escape the media onslaught.

And I swear, if he becomes some martyr because rumors persist that his doctors led him down the Elvis Presley path, I'LL SCREAM!!

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