2011 - The Year We Take Back Congress and Make Obama's Life Hell!

Monday, February 11, 2008

In a Perfect World,...

In a perfect world, Obama's inexperience would trump his erudition and articulation,...

In a perfect world, Billary's Machiavellian politics would've landed both of them in Leavenworth a long time ago,....

In a perfect world, the Thompson/Romney ticket would've garnered 90% of the electoral college vote.

But we don't live in a perfect world, do we?

The TrekMedic started this Red November campaign supporting Fred Thompson; but, he was too slow and his momentum came too late.

Then the TrekMedic threw his support behind Mitt Romney; but, he was blind-sided by the two-pronged McCain/Huckabee attack.

And so now we are left with McCain and two extreme leftists as our choices.

We already know what the White House will be like if Shrillary or Obama win,..we've seen it under the aegis of Empress Nancy and her Senatorial lapdog, Harry Reid.

People fear that John McCain is too much of a RINO. Given his actions with Sen. Feingold and the Gang of Fourteen, those suspicions are quite valid.

But we don't know what the future holds, do we?

George W. Bush ran on a campaign of "compassionate conservativism" against cries from the left of religious zealotry. And "W's" compassion went by the wayside on September 11, 2001, courtesy of a few religious zealots we didn't see coming.

There are those who would defer to the Dems in the hopes that things will get so bad, the only choice in 2012 would be going back to the Republicans.

We cannot afford the blood of 3000 more innocents to occur before that happens!

And there are some who would rather sit this election out on principal. That's not only hypocritical, but a black eye to not only our Constitution, but to those who dabbed the fingers in pots of ink to exercise the same rights for the first time in generations.

Marie offers her Two Cents on this subject as well:

A Message To My Republican/Conservative Party

Do NOT Sit Out This Election Just Because McCain Is Going To Be Our Nominee!!

Sitting out this election just because McCain is going to be our nominee is sheer stupidity! We still have the House and Senate to think of among other things.

Besides if the word's "President Elect-Clinton" or "President Elect-Obama" dont scare the absolute hell out of you, YOU have something wrong with YOU!

Staying home will be a Vote for Hillary, or Obama and God know's who in the House and Senate.

I am and alway's will be a FredHead, but he left me, then Romney left me, but did I leave the Republican Reservation? Hell No!! A True Republican/Conservative does'nt leave the reservation just because they didnt get thier perfect candidate!

McCain has done alot of things we ALL didnt approve of and we flat out called him out on and when it came to Amnesty, we got it stopped! ALL OF US.

He said in his speech (See Post Below) that he has heard us. And he swears he will consult with his own Republicans and Conservatives that will be surrounding him that know what WE want and how pissed off WE will get if HE does'nt listen to us.

And then there's the SCOTUS. He will appoint Conservative Judges, if Obama and/or Hillary are elected, they wont.

And then there is the War on Terror. Do we want to go back to a police action? Do we want to be atttacked repeatedly? Instead of confronting those that want to kill us and keep them busy somewhere else than here at home? Well Clinton nor Obama will, they will withdraw and Al-Qaeda will be able to set up a safe haven in Iraq and our Soldiers will have died in vein.

Does anybody really want that?

I'm just saying, I would rather have some kind of Conservative then none!

DeMint Calls on Conservatives to Back McCain

McCain Sends Chill Down Spine, Reid Says

Anyone that send's chills down Harry Reid's spine has got to be doing something right lol

Conservatives Ready to Support McCain

And that, gentle readers, is it. We must put aside our differences and unite to save this country from the slippery slope of Socialism. We MUST vote in November and we MUST vote for John McCain!



At 2:51 PM, Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

As Reagan noted ... it's better to have half of something than all of nothing.

At 11:46 PM, Blogger Opinionnation said...

We cannot afford the blood of 3000 more innocents to occur before that happens!

Sadly, many right-wingers hate McCain so much that they are willing to allow that to happen just so they can blame it on Hillary or Obama.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Conservative Chic said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!


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