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Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Cheap Shot Fired From the Left

LOS ANGELES — Without "American Idol" to worry about, the Grammy Awards bounced back strongly in the ratings this year. An estimated 20.1 million people watched the Dixie Chicks take home every trophy they were eligible for Sunday night. That's up 18 percent over last season, according to Nielsen Media Research.


The Dixie Chicks won all five awards they were nominated for, including album of the year for "Taking the Long Way," and record and song of the year for "Not Ready to Make Nice," their defiant anthem penned songwriter Dan Wilson. It was sweet vindication after the superstars' lives were threatened and their record sales plummeted when feisty lead singer Natalie Maines criticized President Bush on the eve of the Iraq war in 2003. Almost overnight, one of the most successful groups of any genre was boycotted by Nashville and disappeared from country radio.

With "Taking the Long Way," the women relied on renowned producer Rick Rubin's guidance for an album that was more rock and less country. (Rubin, who also produced "Stadium Arcadium," was honored as producer of the year.)

The standing ovations the Chicks received Sunday illustrated how much the political climate has changed regarding the Iraq war, and even Bush.

"That's interesting," Maines crowed from the podium after the country award was handed out earlier in the night. "Well, to quote the great 'Simpsons' _ 'Heh-Heh.'

"Just kidding," added Maines. "A lot of people just turned their TVs off right now. I'm very sorry for that."

Bandmate Emily Robison noted, "We wouldn't have done this album without everything we went through, so we have no regrets."

(Did someone say "Hamlet?")


Just a reminder to the citizenry of the blogosphere: The Grammys are an industry award handed out by the Recording Industry of America and are not based on sales or radio play figures.

That being said, isn't it just typical of how the Leftywood crowd continues its infantile digs at the Bush Administration?

Oh, and one last piece of info on the Ditzy Chicks' popularity, from Fox News:

Will their Grammy success help The Dixie Chicks regain their popularity with the country music audience?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Not sure

43,253 total votes


At 11:51 PM, Blogger Opinionnation said...

Infantile digs at the Bush Administration...

perfectly said

At 6:51 AM, Blogger BobG said...

The cretins applauding the morons, what else is new?


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