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Friday, January 13, 2006

Some Random Thoughts for the Day

With the CHRISTmas season over and the transition to the winter doldrums upon us, we are now getting inundated with a never-ending parade of "award" shows.

With these awards comes lots of gossip and "buzz" about the next great Hollyweird epic.

One movie in particular comes to mind: Brokeback Mountain.

This movie, Leftywood's latest attempt to destroy and distort our American heritage, is all the rage at the Lefties' cocktail parties (did I just say "cock" about Brokeback Mountain? Hmmm,..my Freudian slip is showing again)

Is it just me, or does it seem that for such a "great" movie, destined to rampage through the Golden Globes and Oscars a la "Titanic," I see very little in the way of the actors beating the drum on the talkshow circuit, nor do I see much written press about the movie, other than Heath Ledger whining about how "hard" (damn,..there I go again!) it was to play a homosexual?

Could it be that the collective conscious of these players is getting the better of them for putting out this puerile trash? Maybe they're all just too embarrassed to talk about it in public?

Oh, and BTW Heath (a/k/a "feces-for-grey-matter"),..you're a goddamned actor! You played a part! That's what actors do,..they play parts in a movie! Quit bitching about kissing Jake Gyllenhall and move on (.org)!!!


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