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Friday, November 25, 2005

And So It Begins,.....

This book is on my CHRISTmas Wish List:

You can find it at Amazon.com

And of course, the MSM have to start de-deifying the holidays as well.

If anybody saw CSI last night, you'll notice that CBS played a commercial based on the old Rankin-Bass stop-action animated classics. The commercial featured Rudolph, Santa, and numerous current CBS stars gathering together for a sleigh ride.

What has CBS done to incur my vitriolic ire??? If you listened closely, you heard Rudolph say "This is going to be the best holiday, ever!"

Now, those of us right-minded thinkers of a certain age remember the line is actually "This is going to be the best CHRISTMAS, ever!"

And while I'm at it (You eat as much turkey as I have in the last few days and you'd be cranky, too!), let's look at how our friends at the ACLU view the "Holidays:"

ACLU of Rhode Island Sues On Behalf of Town Resident's Objection to City Hall Religious Display (12/22/2003)


PROVIDENCE, RI -- Acting on behalf of a lifelong resident of Cranston, the American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island today filed a federal lawsuit challenging the life-sized nativity scene and menorah in front of Cranston City Hall, as well as the policy that Mayor Stephen Laffey recently implemented to authorize those displays.


ACLU Sues Over Ohio School District's Policy on Religious Holidays (8/25/1999)


CLEVELAND -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio today filed suit in federal court seeking to end a suburban school district's practice of closing its schools for the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
But in addition to violating the Constitution's First Amendment, which prohibits the establishment of one religion above others, the action conflicted with a district's own policy on religion neutrality.

I'm going to take exception to that last statement! The First Amendment, while clearly stipulating the prohibition of the establishment of a state-sponsored religion, also grants all US citizens the right to practice their religious beliefs without threat or hindrance by or from the government.

Click here to view the ACLU's take on "religious freedom."

This particular section really, really stands out to me:

It depends. Making Christmas stockings, Easter eggs or Hannukah dreidels is probably okay because, over the years, these have become secular customs that people of many different backgrounds enjoy. But a Nativity pageant, which is full of religious meaning, could be considered unconstitutional.

Secular customs?? I wonder how, "over the years," this could have happened? And who abetted this inexorable neutering of one's expression of religion?


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