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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hoo-Ahh! Read This, Maggots!!

From This Week's PARADE Magazine! I have no opinion about it, just thought it would be a great read!

In the words of those who do:
How We Make Marines

By Larry Smith
Published: June 4, 2006

How does the Marine Corps take 17-year-old civilians and, in 13 short weeks, transform them into Marines? How do they motivate these young men and women to become members of a group that needs to function at the highest level under enormous stress? PARADE Contributing Editor Larry Smith spent two years researching his new book, “The Few and the Proud: Marine Corps Drill Instructors in Their Own Words.” He discovered that drill instructors are the key to making a Marine—and that there are lessons all of us can learn from them.


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Martin said...

They start by teaching the recruits to say "oorah" and not "hoo-ahh," you posturing goof.


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