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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Again We Ask: "Where's The Outrage??"

HT to City Troll, who's been following this story:

Khobar Towers
Fri. 23 Jun 2006
The Wall Street Journal

Commentary By LOUIS J. FREEH

June 23, 2006; Page A10

Ten years ago this Sunday, acting under direct orders from senior Iranian government leaders, the Saudi Hezbollah detonated a 25,000-pound TNT bomb that killed 19 U.S. airmen in their dormitory at Khobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


The 19 Americans murdered were members of the 4404th Wing, who were risking their lives to enforce the no-fly zone over southern Iraq. This was a U.N.-mandated mission after the 1991 Gulf War to stop Saddam Hussein from killing his Shiite people. The Khobar victims, along with the courageous families and friends who will mourn them this weekend in Washington, deserve our respect and honor.


More importantly, they must be remembered, because American justice has still been denied.Although a federal grand jury handed down indictments in June 2001 -- days before I left as FBI director and a week before some of the charges against 14 of the terrorists would have lapsed because of the statute of limitations -- two of the primary leaders of the attack, Ahmed Ibrahim al-Mughassil and Abdel Hussein Mohamed al-Nasser, are living comfortably in Iran with about as much to fear from America as Osama bin Laden had prior to Sept. 11 (to wit, U.S. marshals showing up to serve warrants for their arrests).


On June 25, 1996, President Clinton declared that "no stone would be left unturned" to find the bombers and bring them to "justice." Within hours, teams of FBI agents, and forensic and technical personnel, were en route to Khobar. The president told the Saudis and the 19 victims' families that I was responsible for the case.


It soon became clear that Mr. Clinton and his national security adviser, Sandy Berger, had no interest in confronting the fact that Iran had blown up the Towers. This is astounding, considering that the Saudi Security Service had arrested six of the bombers after the attack. As FBI agents sifted through the remains of Building 131 in 115-degree heat, the bombers admitted they had been trained by the Iranian external security service (IRGC) in the Beka Valley, and received their passports at the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, along with $250,000 cash for the operation from IRGC Gen. Ahmad Sharifi.

Please read the whole story at City Troll's site. Mr. Freeh details an enormous level of incompetence within the Clinton administration and a complete lack of foresight by Clinton & Co. I'm still fuming as I type this!


At 1:22 PM, Blogger City Troll said...

Thanks for the hat tip Trekmedic... Its nice to see those of us in the minority voice in Philly getting our words out...

At 8:28 PM, Blogger TrekMedic251 said...

"Minority voice in Philly?" You mean people who think the Phillies still have a chance??


Actually, I hear ya, Troll!


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